"I don’t have a technique. I’ve never been a believer in having one set technique on how to act. There are no rules and there is no rulebook. At the end of the day, it all comes down to my instincts. That’s the one thing that guides me through every decision professionally. Socially, also. That’s my technique. Yeah, you read through the script 100 times. I guess I have little characteristics about myself. Sometimes, most often than not, once we start shooting I won’t look at the script at all until we finished shooting. It’s kind of like it’s been imprinted in my head during rehearsals. You just let it go.” - Heath Ledger (1979 - 2008)

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Türklerin ayıp olmayan şeyleri ayıpmış gibi kabul etmelerine kılım.

Cinsel ilişkiye girmek, cinsel organ, mak’at falan ne abi bu. Adam gibi sevişmek de, penis de vajina de anüs de. Kibarlık penise cinsel organ demek değil ki. Kulağa duymalık organ mı diyecektin o da mahrem olsaydı? 

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